Whether you are a Landlord, Tenant, Pre-Owner or Owner our cleaning team will be able to be able to help.

The Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is an important subject and one that we take very seriously. We conduct a 41 point thorough post clean check on all residential properties to maintain our high standards and customer satisfaction.

No two homes are identical, and therefore some require extra attention to certain areas. Whatever your specific issues or needs we are sure we can solve them. Give Kerry or Bridget a call on the numbers below.

We pride ourselves in getting it right for time. However
very occasionally accidents do happen, so for your peace of mind we have Professional Indemnity Insurance cover upto £2m. Our expert cleaners are second to none and we would lik to demonstrate this to. Please call Bridget or Kerry for a personal chat in the first instance.


In todays ever security conscious world we vet all those that work with us so as to provide the highest of standards of security and integrity.

To obtain a free quote:

Simply call Bridget or Kerry to discuss your needs so that we can assess your requirements and therefore provide, if necessary, an on-site appraisal and subsequent costing to suit your budget and circumstances.

Call Kerry or Bridget below for a no obligation quote

Kerry on 07549 411267 or email

Bridget on 07950 325306 or email